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Guiding principles

Dynamism and Swiss precision enable us to maintain our course towards a successful, secure future. We show flexibility and open-mindedness in the face of the new and the unknown.

A very successful family business

We are a dynamic family business that has been characterised by its independence and pioneering spirit since its foundation over 130 years ago. Quality, customer focus and excellent products and services are our key priorities. As a manufacturer of tools and Swiss precision instruments, we make products that enable our clients, both professionals and non-professionals, to save time and money by making their work more ergonomic.

A clear objective in sight

Our company's objective is to preserve its economic independence, while at the same time consolidating and increasing its market share. This is why we aim to increase productivity and maintain a solid equity base.

Successful and innovative

Our product range includes professional prehension and cutting tools made from various alloys and we offer our clients other first-rate benefits in terms of skills, products and customer service. Thanks to our market-leading services, we have become a pioneering and innovative company. Our flexibility, fast decision-making, high-tech communication methods and progressive supply solutions can all be attributed to our organisational structure, which also enables us to reduce costs.

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Forging close ties with our clients for the future

Our clients include exacting, passionate experts (both professionals and non-professionals) and we work in a wide range of fields, including medicine, dentistry, watchmaking, electronics, research, cosmetics and industrial and service organisations. We view our clients as our company's most important partners and place great emphasis on forging long-term relations with them. By combining trust, mutual respect, satisfaction and very high quality, we can guarantee success both for our company and our clients.

Principles of successful partnerships

We aim to establish long-term partnerships with our clients and suppliers that are characterised by reciprocal loyalty, a readiness to cooperate and improve and a strong awareness of quality. Long-term relations with first-rate producers are a key factor in meeting our clients' high expectations.

Committed staff are central to our business

By creating a stimulating, challenging and clearly structured environment, we have laid the foundations for a pleasant working culture that is characterised by trust, mutual respect and openness. Our staff stand out thanks to their creativity, desire to succeed and develop, their motivation, reliability and sense of team spirit. They are responsible individuals with a strong sense of initiative who, when the company needs to act or take decisions, make the most of the room for manoeuvre offered to them by the team in line with the company's philosophy and contribute decisively to its success. For each post, we recruit the individual with the best profile. We respect each individual's personality, irrespective of their gender, age, nationality, race, religion or views. We value and encourage cultural diversity within the company and benefit from the range of experience and perspectives that it brings. We settle disputes constructively and respect differences in opinion. We clearly state our objectives and communicate current and future changes within the company. Our conditions of service and working conditions are among the best in the region for this field of work. We motivate our staff and equip them with the skills needed to provide excellent services. We take care to ensure that all our staff stay safe and we maintain the equipment that we provide for their use. We train each staff member to adopt a responsible attitude towards quality, safety and environmental issues. We also work to ensure that our staff enjoy a good work-life balance.

In harmony with society and the environment

An awareness of our responsibilities towards our staff, the market, the environment and the state are important factors in the day-to-day management of our company. We take our ethical, moral and environmental responsibilities very seriously and take effective action to ensure that they are met. We minimise our environmental impact and energy consumption. We educate our staff about the importance of sorting waste. We defend our interests while at the same time maintaining a neutral attitude towards political, religious and philosophical beliefs. We are categorically opposed to all extremist or intolerant views. Our actions are informed by the strong ethical values to which we subscribe.

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Senior Management Team:

David Sgobero (Managing Director) et Nicole Sgobero (Vice-President)